Ethics, Values and Principles

The management of the O.M.S. LTD undertakes to pursue its own policy which aims to achieve the high quality objectives of the services / products offered, for the health and safety of workers and the environment

The O.M.S. srl believes that the promotion of human, social, political, cultural, religious and economic rights must be an integral part of the management of its production and economic processes and it is with this awareness that it intends to assume the commitment to build productive balances based on requirements and commitments based on the principles of Social Responsibility.

This Social Responsibility Policy, established by the company management, is a tool that O.M.S. uses to implement its mission which, through constant efforts in defining and implementing company objectives, is aimed at achieving the full satisfaction of all the parties involved.


WHO is committed to ensuring the health, safety and protection of people who come into contact with our products. We are working to ensure that our products do not contain "conflict minerals" where their extraction can directly or indirectly finance human rights violations or that benefit armed groups.
we ask our suppliers to engage through appropriate actions and checks to identify the presence, in the products, components, parts or materials supplied by themselves, of minerals (tin, tantalum, gold and tungsten) from conflict zones.

Where possible, the company incorporates the principles of responsible sourcing of conflict minerals under contract conditions with suppliers and will work with them to create awareness of these issues in their supply base. Our statement of position will be available to our suppliers and we expect them to adopt positions or similar policies for their supply chains.


ISO 14001 certified company, O.M.S. Srl considers the issues concerning the environment as the priority purpose of its activity, has pursued as its main objective environmental control oriented with a view that goes beyond compliance with current regulations with the intent to ensure the protection of the environment inside the company that surrounds the plant in which it operates. The company asks its suppliers to comply with all the environmental compliance regulatory obligations and to actively engage in environmental protection, which is to be understood as a primary asset.


Ethics, Values and principles of our company

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