Components Kitting

Producing a complete kit means dealing with complex bills of material, an endless list of components to be found, ordered, managed and then assembled. It is an activity that multiplies suppliers, requests for estimates and the number of purchases.

With Kittaggio (Components Kitting) we give you the opportunity to outsource these problems.

The need to better manage and meet the needs of customers led O.M.S srl to develop an internal electromechanical assembly department with semi-automatic machinery. The company manufactures or purchases the components, tests them and pre-assembles them, creating a kit including screws, instructions and everything needed for final assembly.

The kit delivered becomes for you a single item to manage in stock.



To do this, the WHO applies a dynamic management system, internally having a Logistics department and a quality department fully integrated with each other that allow the customer to deliver the finished component with flexibility and quality.
The whole activity is covered by a scrupulous quality control that starts from the acceptance of the commercial parts, to the assembly phase, up to the final inspection before delivery.

In order to offer a quality service, the company applies the 5S method in its process, which contains in 5 steps a systematic and repeatable method for optimizing working standards and therefore improving operational performance.