Electromechanical sector




Currently the O.M.S. srl realizes various types of Terminals for electric cables diversifying for geometry and material:

  • Aluminum alloys 6061 T6 - 6082 T6;
  • Brass alloys OT58 - OT63;
  • Rame.

Un ufficio tecnico specializzato progetta internamente tutte le attrezzature atte alla costruzione dei particolari secondo esigenze del Cliente in linea con le esigenze del cliente.



The company has a department completely dedicated to the assembly of the terminal with the cable tightening screw and then a department dedicated to the composition of the KIT which make up the final product according to the customer's needs.


Dynamic Management

To do this, the WHO applies a dynamic management system, internally having a Logistics department and a quality department fully integrated with each other that allow the customer to deliver the finished component with flexibility and quality.


Continuous process monitoring

The maintenance of the certifications involves the continuous monitoring of the activities, to improve the services provided and testifies its ability to supply high quality products able to satisfy the market demand. The company grows by guaranteeing customers the quality of the processes, in the belief that the standards are not only respected, but also exceeded.

Terminals of our production

According to the customer's drawing, of current production.


Maximum efficiency

Work in the workshop is characterized by continuous research aimed at improving production processes.

We always guarantee maximum efficiency and supply of a product in line with customer needs.

Thanks to a highly specialized staff and the continuous purchase of new generation machinery, the company boasts the collaboration with some of the most important multinationals in the electromechanical sector, qualifying itself as a supplier of Terminals for Cables for high and low voltage.



Improvement of operating performance

The company applies in its processes the 5S methodology that contains in 5 steps a systematic and repeatable method for the optimization of working standards and therefore the improvement of operational performance.