Technologies and Human Avant-garde

The precision mechanics sector, due to its particularity, intersects a multiplicity of other industrial sectors that imply the use of components realized through techniques and technologies that can be traced back to mechanical machining. Design and construction processes that must obviously be treated in detail to be able to produce results that meet expectations.

Companies and industries that deal with mechanical processing on behalf of third parties, are able to carry out work on different materials such as special steels, alloy, stainless, aluminum, super alloys, to serve the most diverse sectors of application.

For over thirty years O.M.S. SRL offers mechanical processing on behalf of third parties for various sectors, being able to guarantee in each of them the supply of high quality products.
Specifically, the company operates in the AEROSPACE, MILITARY AND ELECTROMECHANICAL sector


Aerospace sector

Since its foundation in the market for the supply of parts for aerospace companies, over the years it has acquired an excellent production capacity, ranging from prototypes to mass-production.






Defense Sector Military Sector

The O.M.S. Srl for more than thirty years he has been producing high-precision commissioned mechanical parts.

Inserting itself since its establishment in the market of supplies of parts for defense companies, over the years it has acquired an excellent production capacity diversifying it in different product sectors, ranging from defense products to the production of rocket parts.

The company also boasts thirty years of experience in the field of ammunition, having worked extensively with SNIA BPD, BPD DIFESA SPAZIO and Simmel Difesa.



Electromechanical sector

The company is specialized in the production of medium and long series components such as:

  • Cable Terminals;
  • Details for medium and high voltage switches;